Farm vehicles and children.

Farm vehicles and children.
Geplaatst op 08/09/2017

Farms can be family homes as well as work places, with children often present. As we approach the school holidays, BF&G finds out where farmers stand when it comes to rules and regulations on farm safety.

Can a child ride on or drive a tractor? If the child is under the age of 13 years the answer is no.

Tom Price NFU farm transport and safety adviser says:"Farm transport and machinery is the biggest cause of fatality and injury on farm so it is not surprising that the access of children to farm machiney is controlled."

The basic rule is that children under the age of 13 years are prohibited not only from driving but also from riding on farm machinery being used in agricultural operations. The ban covers not only agricultural operations on field but also travel on the road from one site to another.

The most recent report from the HSE show that in the 10-year periode ending in March 2016, 54 non-employed people lost their lives as a result of accidents on farm. Of the 54 fatalities, 17 ...

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