Farm security risks

Farm security risks
Geplaatst op 08/09/2017

Glenn Woolly, senior loss control surveyor at NFU Mutual, considers the top security risks on small farms and explains how they can be limited.

Rural crime cost UK farms more than £42 million in 2015. As well as the cost of having to replace equipment, for small farms losing pieces of kit can have serious impacts on their productivity and ultimately their bottom line. But waht is most at risk?

1 Quad bikes and ATVs

Quads and all-terrain vehicles are the top target for thieves in the UK thanks to them being easier to steal and sell on than larger farm vehicles.

As well as being simple to drive off when they're left standing, thieves are also taking them from workshops and barns, so lock-down  devices and heavy-duty padlocks and chains are a worthwhile investment. Anything which delays thieves and prevents them from just jumping on and driving off is going to be a deterrent. It's worth investing in a quality ...

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