Make sure your trailer safety is up to scratch.

Make sure your trailer safety is up to scratch.
Posté le 08/09/2017

Harvest puts pressure on everyone in the operation chain, from the combine driver to the person running the grain store. Don't forget the tractor and trailer team in between - ensure their equipment gets the attention it requires.

In the rush to get the combine and the grain store ready for harvest, the tractor and trailer team can often get left until last, but a few checks to ensure your trailers are fit for purpose can save a lot of time once combining has begun, and ensure each tractor/trailer combination is as safe, efficient and effective as possible, suggests Mike Murray, sales director at Richard Western, the Suffolk-based trailer maker. Here's his list of pointers:

Before even checking over your trailer, ensure your tractor is up to the job. Check all lights, and that the brake, hydraulic and lightning couplings are working as they should. Check the pick-up hitch for wear, and ensure the weight and power of the tractor are matched to the trailer and its capacity.

Examine the trailer ring hitch for wear. A trailer that's been handled with care ...

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SOURCE: Britisch Farmer & Grower - juin 2017